Check out my latest animation project BROKEN, its animated music video to accompany " Bachus's " brand new single. Unfortantly i cannot post this on NG so if your interested check it out on Youtube and let me know what you think. Here are the specs -

November 2013 – March 2014
6000 frames running at 25 frames per second
46 shots, 1490 symbols and 70 layers
Total running time: 3 minute and 59 seconds
Programs used – Adobe flash CS3-6

Produced and Directed by – Ryan Catania
Art and Animation by – Ryan Catania
Music – “Broken” by “Bachus”
Written, arranged, produced and
Performed by – Matthew best

BROKEN – Animated music video -
The project was to produce an animated music video for the song “BROKEN ", which is produced/recorded by the band " Bachus ". The music video was to be created to accompany the band’s first single from their self-titled album.

Animation synopsis:
Trapped within the confines of her dark, twisted heart, Euphorica begins to create an atmospheric dreamscape to escape the harsh emotions that have been inflicted upon her during a troubled relationship. The pieces of a broken love can only be buried for so long; As Euphorica continues to dive deeper into the nightmare her heart has created, she soon discovers the true feelings that she has buried for so long.

The narrative and visuals of the animation focus on the concept of all the memories and moments that one builds up during the course of their relationship. Weather these memories are happy or sad ones, they slowly build up the pieces that reflect your heart. Euphorica is going on a journey to recollect these pieces of her broken heart; she must discover that all the pieces that make up her heart are important and should be treasured. Without these broken shards, she cannot break away from the love that has tormented her mind for so long.

The animated music video was created for Matthew best for his band “Bachus “
Broken music track is written, arranged, produced and performed by
Matthew best © 2013

Original animated video clip is produced, directed and animated by


Greetings everyone !
First off all i would love to shout out a MASSIVE thank you to everyone out there !! My first flash animation " wind in the wires " was uploaded little over a week ago. During this time it has ranked up over 30,000 views,2,000 votes and over 130 reviews !!

I received a daily 2nd place award !
Was featured on the front page of new grounds for over a week !
And I'm now currently in the top 10 for the week ^__^

I cannot thank everyone enough for voting and viewing my animation ! i have received a lot of positive comments and criticism and i cannot explain how happy that makes me feel. So again, thank you EVERYONE for all the hard work and effort you all made to get wind in the wires where it is today ^__^

Now that WITW is out in the world, i have indeed started my next HUGE project. I cant give to much information away, but its going to be unlike anyone has seen before ;D im still finalizing alot of the concept, so once its well under way ill be sure to keep you all posted ^__^

But right now i am currently working on another piece that should be done within the next few weeks. Its going to be a little experiment. Its going to be like a " Visualization ". So a small little animation that will be played on a loop. I suppose its rather hard to explain, but hopefully the final product will work out ;D im not sure if ill be able to upload an SWF to deviant art ? if not ill try and host it on newgrounds or something.

Thanks again everyone !!


Its been a long a hard journey, but my first flash animation " Wind in the wires " is finally online for everyone to see !!!
I hope everyone at newgrounds enjoys it and loves the experience

check it out here ! -

Wind in the wires is officialy up !!

Wind in the wires - THIS OCTOBER...or November

2010-10-14 06:35:21 by celestrial-hardrave

Hello newgrounds !!
I have been a member of newgrounds for some time now but this is my first post.

After one whole year of constant non stop work, " Wind in the wires "; my first flash animation is just around the corner !!with my uni that unfortunately closed down and still waiting to be placed, i have had nothing much else to do but work on my animation ! i'm looking for a release to be October this year !!..but at this rate it might be November =.=' The main problem im having is the file size atm, since NG allows up to 10MB and currently its at 12MB. I have reduced the sound file and removed so much to try and get it down but its not makeing much of a difference >.<
Here are some final specs on the project -


WIND IN THE WIRES - A love song for electricity

November 2009 - October 2010
7400 frames running at 25 frames per second
43 shots, 1243 symbols and 28 layers
Total running time: 4 minutes and 56 seconds
Programs used - Adobe flash CS3-5

Written and Directed by - Ryan Catania
Art and Animation by - Ryan Catania
Music by - Patrick wolf

Our planet is dying. The industrial revolution is taking over our land; it is all about expanding and creating. The world is stripped of color, pollution fills the sky and nature is slowly decaying or worse - extinct. The air is hot and thick as oxygen fades. In this wasteland there are two lovers, broken apart inside. The man is full of sorrow, anger and regret as he suffers in this world. How can he sustain this relationship?
The woman is troubled with delusions and paranoia, with her partner away, she is not mentally stable. He has left her. How long can she wait for his return?
A child never to be birthed from their love awakens from her infinite slumber. She is the last remaining pure soul, the last fragment of love and life, and the only hope of saving earth and humanity from this increasing state of decay.
As the waves crash and the birds cry, there is only one last remaining shine of hope that still blooms in what has now become an electrical world; love.


I hope you are all as excited as me to see the project !!